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Tips on skin-care routine to follow in a dry climate

Dry climates can definitely cause real changes in the way your skin looks and feels. What happens when you wash hands often? You have probably noticed they get dry, rough and cracked. This is exactly what happens in dry climates too. So much needed hydration sneaks out of the deeper layers of our skin, leaving us with dull, dry skin covered in small, fine lines.

Here are a few tips on how to look after your skin in a dry climate:

  1. Use a gentle cleanser regularly to remove dirt, dust and pollutants from the exposed surface layer of your skin. Our Botanical Cleanser & Makeup Remover is an excellent choice.

  2. If exfoliating is not a regular thing you do, you should. When you’re in a dry climate, exfoliating is a definite must!

  3. Our lips need some tender care as well. The delicate skin of our lips is prone to dry out, get sun damage, and other afflictions due to dry climate. Ensure to use a soft, full of natural goodness lip balm.

  4. Strong sun rays cause an increased risk of sun damage. To avoid this invest in a good high-SPF sunscreen. You can choose to use SPF 30, 45 or 50 every day.

  5. A mask is a great way to get some extra moisture sink into your skin. Generally speaking, clay-based masks will soak up moisture from your skin, so they are not recommended.

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